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Paige Forrest, June 7 2021

CASCO: A Club Where Students Raise Thousands for CHEO

 One would say that walking in as a first-year university student to a university that has a population that is twice the size of your hometown is quite frightening. And I can second that, I was that student. I grew up in a small town in Muskoka with a population of 16,000 people. I knew I wanted use university as an opportunity to expand my personal network and my potential. I was able to successfully do that throughout my years as a university student as I got involved in various activities around campus. By doing so I met students in residence, at events, during class, and I even met some of my closest friends inline waiting for my bus pass. However, the one place where I met a group of likeminded students who had the same drive and passion that I did was through a Telfer club, CASCO.

 What is CASCO

CASCO was founded in 1998 by two friends Alexandre St-Jean and Tuan Nguyen. The two wanted to raise money and show support in memory of their dear friend Eric Danis who passed away from Leukemia. The student lead organization touches the lives of many and inspires students to give back to the community while they work towards a common goal of raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Throughout the year there are various events which are held. The three main events are the golf tournament, Cheers to CHEO and a year-end gala, in addition to the smaller scale events that are put on throughout the year. These events are attended by both students as well as business professionals which allow attendees to network and form new connections while raising money for a great cause.

CASCO’s Impact 

In the last 20 years CASCO has raised over $700,000 for CHEO. Each year the president meets with the CHEO foundation to see the departments which are in the most need. From there, the executive team decides on which department to donate. This money goes towards equipment, services, toys and anything that CHEO patients and families may need during their time.

While the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic the fundraisers were put on pause and our team was tasked with coming up with creative ways to raise money virtually. We focused our efforts on many smaller scale events such as a workout series and art classes. We refocused our efforts on the gala to create promotional videos to raise awareness about CASCO while showcasing incredible talent in addition to hosting a silent auction. We made changes to our Cheers to CHEO event and to our Moore Wrinn Golf Tournament. Nonetheless during the 2020 year we were able to raise $53,524.18 for the recreational therapy program at CHEO.

CASCO’s Impact on my Life

When I originally joined CASCO, I thought I was just joining a club to be social, learn new skills and meet new people. I didn’t realize how great of an impact it would have on my life. CASCO has provided me the opportunity to work with likeminded business students while we planned large scale events. It landed me the platform to network with business professionals to help with my career. I had the opportunity to meet so many students who some are now some of my closest friends. But most importantly, it taught me to look at the bigger picture in life. CASCO has inspired me to continue to do charity work and to volunteer my time to those in need.


How can you help?

There are many ways you can get involved and support the cause to make a difference in the lives of the young families at CHEO. You can make a direct donation to CHEO through the CASCO website  or directly through CHEO. You can also follow CASCO on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with various events and fundraisers that are going on.

Donate, volunteer, participate, raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of others.

Written by

Paige Forrest


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